Everyday we create new music

If my goal were to write a new song everyday, I would wake up, drink some coffee, find inspiration by digging into mine or someone else's playlist I love...  I would listen to all those work tapes, and see if there's a message I hadn't talked about yet.  I could listen to all the voice memos I have on my phone.  It would be a very specific approach to creating something that matched my mood, my story, my headspace for that day. 

Things I love about music.

Last night I was at a party.  
I hadn’t seen my bass player Scott Fernandez in a long time as we haven’t been playing showing much, and I’ve been workshopping new songs.  He invited me out to this party to meet some new cats, network, have a good time - as he explained it.  

Being an artist in Los Angeles vs Nashville

There are many differences between being an artist in Los Angeles versus being on in Nashville.  I haven't thought about this difference much since being here until lately...  The auditions for the Voice came through town, and seem to always remind me of the state of the music industry every time they do.  The Voice isn't a bad show, but it's a good example of poorly representing talent to the talent's demise in order to promote the greater good of the show.

2014 in the jam

I'm stoked about this process and this recording on the way!  It's not going to be easy to finish, we really only have so much time to work on it on the side with other projects we both have going on...  But I'm super stoked to be getting somewhere with it and revisiting my own music - coming from various perspectives.  

Happy Holidays!

Just in time for Christmas! I have had such little time lately to do just about anything between being in the studio, finishing up the Doc and helping to start this company with my brother (long story, if you don't already know it :P )

I just wanted to get this online asap and wish you all Happy Holidays and an early Happy New Year! Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy :)


What Was Tom Waits Like as a Kid?

What was Tom Waits like as a child? I wonder. Sitting in my car, listing to 'Nighthawks at the Diner' on my way to the daily routine, pondering whether or not to cover 'Eggs and Sausage' at my next show- it's a relevant point I think. Not only, what's Tom Waits like (period), but as a child what would this youth of such vastly bordered interest have been like?  I guess he grew up nearing the Mexico border 

Paul McCartney Playing High Schools!

Belief in God comes from life experience, family history, gutteral instinct...  There are many things that can help someone to seek out or find out about a higher power.  The Beatles on the other hand, are an undeniable source of energy, wisdom, and phenom that none can deny from Detroit to Timbuctoo.  A recipe somewhere between the vindaloo and curry sound of a sitar over an English accent with multiple rising harmonies that could tame the wildest of wildebeests and the most rambunctious of children...  Which leads us to the point. 

This Body's Made For Good Livin'

Our lives are made of strictly choice and possibility.  I'm a firm believer in this concept and philosophy.  What that really means can very by perspective, and for me it creates a lot of possibility in life.  Imagine your life being completely dependent on your choices. That's a lot easier said than done, especially considering we typically subscribe to the idea that we're not at all in control of our lives. My personal belief is that control has nothing to do with it.