Chet Faker and Writing

So I just found this guy, Chet Faker and he's absolutely incredible.  I want you to watch this video, and listen to these lyrics, and just turn on his playlist on YouTube - he'll keep you happy for a while, and you'll thank me I promise you.  I love the production, and all that he writes, and does. 


Joshua and the Band Live at the Basement in Nashville TN

The Computer Debacle

It's been a while since my last confession, so I've got quite a bit to discuss!  We made it through spilled water on the machine, one broken MBox, my OS crashed and I had to reinstall it 3 times which then led to... I was "forced" to totally upgrade my Pro Tools rig.  

Computer Troubles and Weekly Releases

So, if you've been following me these last few months, you know that I'm doing a weekly song release (#happyHumpDaysongs). If you follow my Twitter or Facebook - you may also know that my computer crashed on me a couple weeks ago, and though it's been fixed - I've been battling with this new Mac OS (preaching to the choir I'm sure).

Maya Angleou - "Come and Be My Baby"

I've loved Maya Angelou since I was a boy.  I was introduced to her by a teacher early in middle school, and was immediately infatuated.  Not to mention she reminds me of my first grade teacher, Miss. Noel - who I will never forget for the inspiration she's been in my life.  

Angelou was not just a writer, or an activist, she was a lover, and pure love.  What she meant, she meant well, and what she did, she did with intention.  All of us would do well to learn by her, and to be one with her spirit that will live on in her words.  

Work Tapes and New Songs

Working on these new work tapes has brought me to some interesting new revelations!  I just finished a new song called, "Said The Wrong Thing Again", and writing it taught me some very interesting new things about myself.

Everyday we create new music

If my goal were to write a new song everyday, I would wake up, drink some coffee, find inspiration by digging into mine or someone else's playlist I love...  I would listen to all those work tapes, and see if there's a message I hadn't talked about yet.  I could listen to all the voice memos I have on my phone.  It would be a very specific approach to creating something that matched my mood, my story, my headspace for that day. 

Things I love about music.

Last night I was at a party.  
I hadn’t seen my bass player Scott Fernandez in a long time as we haven’t been playing showing much, and I’ve been workshopping new songs.  He invited me out to this party to meet some new cats, network, have a good time - as he explained it.  

Being an artist in Los Angeles vs Nashville

There are many differences between being an artist in Los Angeles versus being on in Nashville.  I haven't thought about this difference much since being here until lately...  The auditions for the Voice came through town, and seem to always remind me of the state of the music industry every time they do.  The Voice isn't a bad show, but it's a good example of poorly representing talent to the talent's demise in order to promote the greater good of the show.